New Space


Earlier this year when I started doing the Label Series (as a way to keep my blog going) I realized something big. I love offering free downloads but I am not so good at blogging right now. I suppose there are several reasons for this but mostly they revolve around not wanting to spend the time to blog and the clunky way my blog was set up.

I decided to move my space to better show my designs and brand and to better organize my downloads. Not knowing much about creating websites and knowing it would be a P.I.T.A to move all of my blog archives over from Typepad I decided to look forward and leave it at that. Therefore, none of my archives will be available here. But that's okay. Mostly I am leaving behind a bunch of former Ormolu blog posts and I am okay with that. 

The best part is the organization of this site. Want to just download some freebies? Here they are. Want to see my latest collections? Those are here to. Want to read my lack of blog posts? That's here to

Here is to a new space and new beginnings.